Shred Diet

Dieting seems so simple, at least in theory. Eat less, lose weight. But rarely for anyone is it truly that simple. For many, there are frustrating issues popping up preventing them from accomplishing their weight loss goals. For these masses, Dr. Ian K. Smith’s shred diet could be the answer they’ve been looking for.

Many problems exist in the diet world and while no one diet can claim to answer every single one of them, Dr. Smith’s shred diet plan does a pretty good job at it. It tackles how to lose those last 10 pounds that have plagued many dieters, how to end the plateau keeping you stuck at one weight and what to do when you can’t seem to get the scale to budge, no matter what else you try.

The key to the shred diet is the low GI diet plan, spacing of meals and a meal replacement plan. The great news is a person following this way of eating will always be eating, with four meals or meal replacements like soup, smoothies and shakes, and three snacks a day. The plan lasts six weeks. The shred diet plan also takes on the issue of diet confusion, whereby the body is tricked into revving up its performance. Many may have heard about a similar idea with muscles, and the same idea is put into play here, boosting the body’s metabolism by varying your foods.

The popularity of the shred diet plan has been amazing, as Internet diet plans have been a popular starting point for many dieters. Dr. Smith’s earlier successful detox diet included Fat Smash, an intense cleansing diet titled Extreme Fat Smash, and a varying food diet entitled The 4 Day Diet. SHRED is his most ambitious long-term diet plan, offering a six-week plan to jump-start a new lifestyle and an amazing weight loss success pattern. Those on the Shred diet plan lose an average of 20 pounds and four inches in the six weeks on the diet.

SHRED is made up of six cycles taking the body through a different routine each week. Meals and an exercise regimen are included for each stage.

  • Prime – This first stage sets the stage for the entire program, putting the emphasis on how to space your meals, how to snack and what to do about hunger so that you do not eat too many calories.
  • Challenge – Here, you boost your self-confidence and learn to SHRED your past mistakes. Every dieter has what it takes to succeed, if only they can convince themselves of that.
  • Transformation – Here is where you start to see the results, with many dieters seeing their clothes become looser.
  • Ascend – Combine the know-how and the skills you were taught in the first three weeks to continue on a motivated path, towards your goal.
  • Cleanse – This stage is designed to help your liver detoxify your blood to its fullest potential.
  • Explode – Head into your new, slimmer lifestyle with the tools and knowledge to make the permanent changes to your life. Variety of foods as well as quantities change up, allowing you to move from one day to the next.

Most dieters will complete multiple cycles as they move along the path to their goals, but this is normal, according to Dr. Smith. After all, most people don’t lose all the weight they need to lose in only six weeks. The diet plan is completely customizable and is set up be based upon the individual dieter’s needs. In the diet journal you’re encouraged to keep, you should note what you find difficult or easy about each week and how much weight you lost that week. If you don’t reach your goal, you are encouraged to start into a different cycle doing the weeks in a varying order than you did the first time.

SHRED is a safe diet plan that is not targeted at any one demographic. It’s effective for anyone who needs to lose weight, whether they have 20 pounds to lose or 120 pounds; SHRED can work for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian, have a gluten intolerance, or are a diabetic. The diabetic offers flexibility and the ability to make substitutions to work with your medical or dietary restrictions. It works well for children, adults and seniors, male and female alike. No excuses are allowed. It doesn’t matter if you lead a busy lifestyle or you are a stay-at-home parent. This diet can help you lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose.

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